Working as an international journalist in Ecuador may be tricky due to the language and cultural barriers.

Fixer Ecuador is a one-shop-stop for foreign journalists in areas like:

  • Initial research
  • Fact checking
  • Local access (contributors and locations)
  • General production support (such as equipment hire, logistics & crew hire etc.)

Initial Research

We help foreign journalists get a better understanding of the story. Thus we acquire in-depth info on the stakeholders and main characters on any given topic to give you a good head start.

Fixer Ecuador offers a brief round of initial research free of charge.

Fact Checking

It is important to to verify your sources and get the basic facts of your story right. With our expansive network and knowledge of the local media, our local fixers can assist foreign journalists with quick fact checks.

Local Access to Contributors

The success of your work as an international journalist working in Ecuador depends on your access to local communities and relevant stakeholders to your story. Our TV fixers in Ecuador can assist you in getting information from important sources, booking interviews and other details that will help you prepare a comprehensive report or news piece.

Production Support

As experienced fixers in Ecuador, we offer on-ground support for all aspects of production for international journalists in our country.  


Fixer Ecuador can help you handle your logistics, itineraries, schedule and other key needs tailored to international journalists.