Ecuador is one of the most naturally diverse countries on the planet. For example, 15% of the world’s bird species live here. The breathtaking Andes Mountains, the superb coastal areas and the Galapagos Islands are just some of the many filming locations in Ecuador.

Apart from natural beauty, the country has traditional colonial architecture, scenic city landscapes and traditional villages. Historically, Ecuador used to be part of the Spanish empire, which still largely influences the culture of its people and even its architecture.

The following locations are some of the all-time favourites for foreign filmmakers in Ecuador.


It is the highest located capital city in the world which is a must-use location on your career bucket list.

Quito was designated as the first UNESCO Cultural heritage site in 1978, due to its beautiful architecture and enchanting streets. The city is certainly one of the filming locations in Ecuador with a lot to offer.

Filming locations in Ecuador - Quito


What used to be a quiet fishermen village has now become a somewhat popular resort. However, Canoa and its surroundings still boast of pristine beaches and traditional living.

Filming locations in Ecuador - Canoa

Termas de Papallacta

This small village is located around 60 km or one hour drive east of Quito. The area is known for its thermal water from the surrounding natural hot springs.

Filming locations in Ecuador - Papallacta


It takes about two hours to get to this city from Quito. Otavaldo is urrounded by three volcanoes, but it is one of the bustling cities of Ecuador. It has the largest indigenous clothing market in South America.

It busy and picturesque streets are one of the filming locations in Ecuador suitable for backdrops showing traditional colonial architecture in South America.

Filming locations in Ecuador - Otavaldo

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