Ecuador is rapidly growing to become a sought-after destination for journalism, commercials & photoshoots. Filming in Ecuador means access to a number of superb locations to choose from. Many films and television shows have been shot in the country in recent years.

Filming in Ecuador is therefore on the radar of many of the world’s top producers and directors.

Here are some of the main things to keep in mind if you plan to shoot in our country. Our film fixers in Ecuador are always happy to assist when needed.

Filming Permits

Filming permits in Ecuador are regulated on a case by case basis – this means there is no single authority that approves them. Special attention must be paid to national parks, heritage sites, busy areas such as historical city centers, any closed perimeter or public/private land.

Our production fixer will guide you through everything necessary for filming in Ecuador. We generally get permits within 2-4 weeks.

Filming is Ecuador is free for most places, but there are locations that require a fee.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Ecuador is 92nd in the World Press Freedom Index, close to countries like Israel and Brazil. There is a lot of room for progress in terms of allowing journalists to do their job properly.

Before an assignment to Ecuador, any journalist should assess the risk they are facing. Traveling to places close to the Colombian border is not recommended. We advise to pay extra caution in touristy or busy areas as petty crime is frequent. The same applies to transport safety: always better to book a car at the hotel or through us. Uber currently operates well in Quito.

Tax Incentive

While there are currently no tax incentives for filming in Ecuador, some public authorities can be helpful in issuing permits and visas when proven that the project helps promoting the country.