Fixer Ecuador: Local Support for Foreign Filmmakers and Journalists


Fixer Ecuador is a team of trusted professionals who offer production support (fixing) services to international film crews and journalists.

Our production fixers can solve any potential issue, from location scouting to general production assistance.


We are affiliated with vetted local suppliers and Ecuador production companies to source for seasoned talent, adequate locations & unparalleled logistics.  

Our film fixers have a broad experience in working with international companies. We can provide adequate references upon request


We are a member of, a worldwide network of trusted professionals in film making and journalism.


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The production services we offer are enlisted as follows:

General Production Assistance (production fixers in Ecuador): local help for journalists, producers and film directors;

Crew sourcing: hiring English-speaking cameramen, sound engineers and others at affordable rates;

Location Scouting: we provide in-depth location research and apply for filming permits in Ecuador.


Our fixers can cover a number of roles in any crew such as:

Production manager

Location scout / manager

Production assistant


Looking for a film fixer in Ecuador? Please drop us a line, we would love to help.

Production Services

Crew hiring

Our fixers source for local crew members in Ecuador who are experienced in international production.

Content support

We provide general fixing, translation services & local research necessary for production.

Location permits in Ecuador

We help secure permits and release forms where needed.

Equipment rental

We have contact with trusted rental companies in Ecuador offering top-quality gear.

Scheduling and logistics

At Fixer Ecuador, we source for the best deals on basic logistics like catering, accommodation & transport.


Be rest assured with us in charge of your budget.

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